Wouldn't be nice if you could ride your bike in the rain and actually see the road?

Have you ever asked yourself, why don't they sell - James Bond gadget like - wipers for helmets?

Finally, the answer is here - it is called a "Wipey

What is Wipey?

Wipey is a micro sized electric wiper for a motorcycle helmet. It is first of its kind in the world. Because of its small form factor, it is called a Wipey. As you may experienced before, when you are riding a motorcycle in the rain, visibility is close to zero, and this can be very dangerous. Our company team members also had this bad experience several times, so one day we decided that something has to be done – we decided to build a “Wipey”. Wipey is small but robust little gadget – a little windscreen wiper – a wiper for a motorcycle helmet.

Is this a joke?

It started as a joke. But now, we are dead serious. We started with the development of the Wipey back in 2012. We tried a lot of designs, we did a lot of trials and error testing, a LOT of brainstorming, etc.

Wipey may be small, but at the same time, it is very strong and very effective. We at Digipunch are perfectionists, and our philosophy is – if it is not perfect to us, it is not good enough for our customers. Wipey is a serious piece of equipment, that you will just love to use.

How does it work?

Inside Wipey, there is a tiny electric motor, powered by a single battery, which you can purchase at almost any shop, gas station, etc. You can also use rechargeable battery if you prefer.
Wipey can run at least 4 hours at max. speed on a single battery, because we put a lot of effort into minimizing power consumption.

Inside Wipey there is also a tiny custom board with tiny electronic components, tiny sensors, tiny shaft made of stainless steel, tiny ball bearings, tiny radial shaft seal, tiny gearbox for high torque, tiny microcontroller, smartly written software, and a bunch of tiny little screws, which holds everything in place.

Wipey’s most important features:

  • battery powered (4 – 15 hours on a single battery)
  • single waterproof button for on/off, change interval – it just can’t be more simple than that
  • 3 intervals (slow, normal, fast)
  • quick attach/detach – in a matter of seconds
  • overload protection
  • supports 2 different types of battery
  • super – easy blade replacement
  • built in piezo buzzer for audio feedback (when you change interval, turn it on/off,…)
  • waterproof IPX7
  • probably something else we forgot to mention….

Wipey is built with simplicity and reliability in mind, because simple products work. Wipey does not use any wifi/bluetooth or other technology that is unnecessary for this application. It contains just components that are necessary for Wipey to do it’s job, that is to keep your visor clear.

How will you attach the Wipey to the helmet?

Actually, you will not attach it to the helmet directly, but to the visor. This is a much better approach than our competition has. This way you can open your visor with no troubles. Wipey is detachable, so in sunny weather, you will keep Wipey safe in your pocket – yes it is that small.

I am afraid that Wipey will scratch my helmet visor!

Visor for helmets is made of polycarbonate material, which is partially resistant to scratches.  If you clean visor prior the riding there is practical no chance to scratch the visor. It is just like using “finger visor wiper” which  also does not scratch visor.

Wipey blade is made of non scratch  material. But you should not use Wipey in dry weather – on dry visor (no need anyway).

What are the challenges?

The most obvious challenge is to make the Wipey as small as possible. The second big challenge is to fit the Wipey securely to the helmet with a minimum footprint.

But where are pictures of the Wipey, i can only see a teaser!

Please wait just a little more, so we can do some final testing. We will soon publish a video of Wipey in action.

When will the Wipey be available on the market?

Early 2017.

How do you pronounce Wipey?

Why – pee.

Who are you guys?

We are DIGIPUNCH ltd, a Slovenian company, working on several cool products. One of them is “Wipey”.

If you have any questions, please write to email info@wipey.eu.

But I have more questions!

Please drop us an email on info@wipey.eu or use our pre-order contact form, we will reply as soon as possible.


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